Embracing a Proactive SEO Strategy

If you look back in history you will see the most successful companies becoming proactive in many areas of business. This can range from product development, manufacturing, design or even sales. For a company to maintain market share and be competitive they have to be proactive and always willing to embrace change.

The same can be said for SEO, blogging individually or for a corporate company. SEO will always be changing and to succeed your company has to be proactive in it’s SEO methods. Having a general understanding of what is and what isn’t acceptable from a Google SEO standpoint allows us to predict and even implement future SEO possible changes on our blogs.

Ex. Google has never encouraged users creating backlinks specifically for SEO purposes they always prefer natural links. A blogger can easily be proactive by not link farming guest posting or other unnatural link building activities.

Social Bookmarking Sites

Social networking and bookmarking sites are also being affected. It’s so important to limit the amount of bookmarking sites you use, especially if you are using the same titles and descriptions on them. In my previous post, Are Backlinks a Thing of The Past? I discuss the negative impact this can have on your blog. I highly recommend “NOT” submitting your latest blog posts to a bunch of these sites, pick one or two you like and use them.

If you are already submitting to more than one or two of these social network sites this is your first chance to be proactive. Stop using a few of them, stick with the larger social networks that have the most active members on it. When using these sites, create unique titles and descriptions for your submissions. Also, try and use different tags as this will help you rank higher and will give more authority to the backlinks. Remember Google looks for repetitiveness so try and avoid this at all costs as it will devalue the link.


Try and create an equal amount of Do Follow and No Follow links. It’s nice to have a link portfolio that is again the most natural it can be. You are always going to have backlinks to your site that are mixed like this. It’s important when trying to build backlinks they are not all focused on Do Follow and provide a nice mixture, a natural mixture of both kinds.

Diversification doesn’t only apply to Do Follow and No Follow it’s also relevant to the source of your backlinks. Try to create links from all over the internet, guest blogging, forums, social bookmarking and more. Having a large amount of links from one specific source is fine, it’s just far better to have backlinks coming from a wide range of online locations.

Guest Blogging for Links

The reality is, if you are guest blogging it’s not a good idea to post a link back to your site unless you can make it extremely related to the article or relevant to the subject at hand. The best idea at this point is to add no link whatsoever, if you are blogging for links you are 100% going to get penalized. Google has been hitting many guest blog sites over the past few months including one of the largest, MyBlogGuest.

Perhaps Ann is telling the truth, she’s an advocate of not paying for links, either way I don’t think it matters at this point as her site has become a success for facilitating this exact behavior. A perfect example of a company not being proactive and changing their marketing strategies to market the connection of bloggers and guest bloggers, not link builders. If you ask me what I think MyGuestBlog is, I would have to say based on the brand they have created, it’s a place for me to find guest post sites and build backlinks.

I know the general idea behind the site may have more to it, but as a marketer and online blogger this is the real value, marketers don’t care to guest blog, they want backlinks and this site can help facilitate that. Sure, personally I’d use it to find guest blog opportunities (not backlinking opportunities) but I’m sure I’m a very small percentage that would do it, the way it’s meant and designed to work. Some proactive management and marketing 6 months ago would had prevented this entire situation.

As we continue to learn and embrace the ever changing world of SEO it’s clear that being proactive will help maintain rankings and search engine traffic. We must adapt to the change and as mentioned embrace it as we grow our company or business.

Author: bbrian017

My name is Brian and I’m a Graduate of Business Administration Marketing. I work full time in Sales and Marketing. I’m a young and upcoming webmaster. I am also the owner of Blog Engage a social network I created specifically for bloggers.

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  1. Hi Brian,

    No matter how much we try to convince otherwise, marketers don’t understand that seeking backlinks is harmful. I don’t know why Google penalized MyBlogGuest since their publicized agenda was not to publish “paid” guest posts but I guess something did go wrong.

    Marketers still seek paid backlinks. Moreover, somewhere I think business owners are misled. They hire SEO agencies and the first thing they are told is they need a lot of backlinks..it is necessary to educate the business owners first.

    What do you think?

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    • Hi Chitraparna, I think the main issues with MyGuestBlog is even though they may not offer backlinks as a service or promote guest blogging for links they facilitate that need and for this reason they are rightfully penalized. Just because you don’t mean to do something doesn’t make it okay when it happens. A little while back Blog Engage got hit too because I was linking to a bad site, imagine that one? I’m sure she is the first of many to get hit…

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